The last week of April marks the Student Days Week. We had an amazing week, didn’t we? With all those pancakes (free), morning dances, races (Bridge Race, Tartu Amazing Race…..), hiking, singing, climbing, and quizzes, these are days to remember. This week is special, especially for those people who are graduating this year and those who are writing thesis and staying at home instead of enjoying it.

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Anyway, with the end of this amazing week full of enjoyment, music, laughs, and happiness comes a very special month. The last month of spring. May is somewhat special in Estonia because that is when the spring starts here. if it starts of course.

May is the month of holidays, with its first day being a definite proof of it. May 1st is International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day, a celebration of working people all over the world. But this day also marks the Orthodox Easter. So, another reason to celebrate.

Thus let’s wish our working peers a happy May day, our orthodox friends Happy Easter, and to all of us, HAPPY LAST MONTH OF SPRING. Embrace yourselves, summer is coming.

May 1



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