Dear students, how did you spent first two days of this week in Tartu? I hope you have enjoyed a lot. If someone didn’t make it to any event till now then don’t worry! There is still lots of fun going to happen.

11:00 – Blood Drive


Donate blood – save lives. Giving blood is the simplest way to do well. Becoming a blood donor doesn’t take very much time and energy, but it does allow us to give the greatest gist of all – saving someone’s life.

14:00-18:00 – Crate Climbing


Are you looking for adventurous game, then this one is for you. Contestants fastened with a rope will lay under them a pile of crates. The crates will be thrown to them by a friend or organizers on the spot. The contestant who can lay the highest pile, will be the winner.

If you still can’t understand how this game works then here is the video link for you.

16:00 – World Trail

How well do you know Tartu? Here is the game which will test your knowledge of Tartu city and your skills solving picture puzzles.

17:30 – Speed-dating the world

It’s a speed-dating event, that brings together foreigners doing their volunteer service in Estonia, and young people interested in the world. The event gives you a chance to share experiences and find out the ways to travel around the world for FREE!

18:15 – Board Games Night

Board Games Night is a great possibility to play well-known and new board games together with the fellow students. People who have no idea about this game can learn from the skilled ones.

19:00 – Pub Rally


If you are missing weekend fun during the week days then it is an event you cannot miss. During the pub rally you will see the bars and pubs of Tartu from a completely different angle. There are surprising tasks, and the drinks will be flowing.

20:00 – Night Orienteering


It’s fun and sociable event, where you and your team (up to 5) have to navigate to certain points in Tartu, answer the questions provided by the organizers and finally get to the finish in time. If you have a creative costume then you have a chance to earn extra points.

21:00 – Open Mic Night


If you have some musical talent, then here you will get an opportunity to show your talent in a cozy atmosphere.


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