Ciao ragazzi e saluto da bella Italia. Since this semester I am an Erasmus student in Bologna, Italy, I decided to dedicate this post to my favorite things in Italy and give you some reasons to become an Erasmus student in Italy, or just visit it as a tourist.

1. First and main reason, PIZZA!

1. Pizza

Even if you are not the biggest fan of pizza, the variety of pizzas that Italy offers will make you a biggest pizza fan. Whether it is just margarita with mozzarella and basilica, or a salami pizza, with the best salami ever, be ready to gain some kilos.

2. Second main reason, again food

2. Food

In addition to pizza, the extra kilos gained can give credit to lasagna, pasta (pasta alla Bolognese, carbonara, alla ricotta etc.), tiramisu, pesto, gelato, mortadella, salami, prosciutto….and oh yeah, the wide selection of wine and Limonchello.

3. The country itself

What’s the most amazing thing about Italy is that it combines nature, forests, sea, beaches, and mountains. So there is something for every type. Here are some of my favorite sceneries.

  • Volterra, a wonderful medieval city where Twilight scene was shot

3. Volterra

  • Capri …. Paradise for the eyes!!!

4. Capri

  • Tuscany …. Just a typical Italian view

5. Tuscany

  • Venezia …. The city of love

6. Venezia

  • Cinque Terre, another paradise for the eyes

7. Cinque Terre

  • And of course, my beautiful Erasmus city, Bologna, which is, by the way, very similar to Tartu in terms of student life. There is a legend that says if you climb the towers until your graduation, you won’t graduate. So I am still not sure whether I want to go to the top or not

8. Bologna

4. Parties….

9. Parties

It’s true that Italians love to party, sing and dance. So do the Erasmus students. You won’t get bored here. Although it is important still to make studies the priority. Stay tuned for more! Arrivederci!


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