As a student, we all reach at this point before taking our diploma. It is not always that easy to think about thesis when you are a first year student. But, the more time goes by, your brain starts heating up asking questions. What am I going to write about, whom am I going to ask for supervising my work and so on. But, let us break down the ice. You see, today is Friday for instance and I am still struggling with my thesis. I used to chill out on Fridays but I am still on my desk…I know education is not my life but it can be changed to pay my bill one day.


1. Prepare early

2. Know what you do

3. Use divide and conquer method to break down your work

4. Plan before “thesis” semester begins

5. Choose a supervisor that you believe can boost your work

6. Never give a place for procrastination, if so you are losing point every time you do so

7. Try to ignore your bad habits of spending much time on social networks

8. Always have someone whom you can talk with and share your progress (possibly your supervisor or close friend)

9. Summarize everything before 2 weeks of submitting your work

10. You did that, then relax to defend your thesis. It is going to be alright!

Love you guys,

Musie Kebede


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