f you have seen the lights – you felt them, if you haven’t – maybe my 5 interesting facts about aurora Borealis will raise your mood and give you a better perspective.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are a remarkably interested in life person .

1. Besides the fact that NL can be seen from space, from the “other side”, they also appear on different planets. Uran, Saturn, etc.

2. Camera sees aurora better than the eye. Sadly. But not for Facebook lovers 🙂

3. There truly are Southern Lights called Aurora Australis.

4. There are lots of different shades and colors of NL, depending on ions and gases involved.

5. NL encouraged many legends. For example about the dead playing football in the sly with a head of a walrus. And I am not kidding. Ask the Inuits.

And just to remind, am eclipse is expected on Friday. Mind your surroundings 🙂



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