It does not matter whether you are a new exchange student looking forward to finally settle down in Tartu or already ‘Estonized’ international student heading back to cold and white Estonia after a winter break. Most probably you have wondered how to make your room to look homey and cheerful while being far away from home. Living in a tiny dorm room (and being on a tight budget) does not mean you cannot have a stylish space. Here are some basic decor ideas for your new home – a dormitory room:

  1. Your Facebook is not the only wall for memories! Fill your walls with pictures of friends, family, idols and your dog (or maybe your cat). Having pictures of the people (and animals) you care about the most is really uplifting to look at when you are drowning in homework and on the verge of hysterics. These pictures will raise your mood every time when you will start feeling homesick during the long Estonian winters.
  2. Show off where you have travelled. Aworld map poster with markings of all places you have been is a great conversation starter with guests. It can also easily help you to spot your next destination of travelling. Also, do not underestimate Estonia, there are so many nice places to see around – hang its map up on the wall as well!
  3. Interesting posters can transform your white walls! You can easily find them and print it, buy it from a supermarket (I have seen it in the bookshops as well) or order online. Put a blank paper on your wall so friends visiting your room can leave you lovely greetings from all over the world. This collectively created poster will be a nice memory carrier when your time in Tartu will be over.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Make your own decorations for walls. But do not forget that even though you are an omnipotent lord of your room, you have to pay attention to the rules of the dormitory and use only proper sticky materials on the walls.
  5. Add some greenery! Nothing brightens up a dorm room or a common space like something that grows (or even blossoms!). Even if you do not have a green thumb, a cactus (or some other type of flowers) on your windowsill will be near impossible to kill and requires little water or love. If you believe you have a green thumb try to plant a pot of rosemary, thyme, parsley or any other herb suitable for cooking.
  6. Cold dorm floors are begging to be covered! Colourful and patterned rugs can be perfectly used to make rooms feel more homey.
  7. Blankets and bed-clothes are not only for sleeping! Your bed at the dormitory can also look posh and be a good room decoration itself. Get yourself colourful and vivacious bed sheets so not only your sleep is pleasant but the room also looks nicer. Do not be afraid to invest more in good quality sheets, when you will be leaving you can easily sell them at the flea market.
  8. Add some artful throw pillows to your bed! Art is not just for your walls! Get yourself some funny and soft mini pillows that you can easily find in the shops (for a tighter budget, look for it in the second hand shops). In this way you will not only create a comfortable zone for watching movies but will have extra pillows for your friends’ overnight stays.
  9. Utilize all of your space! Agree with your roommate to change a boring furniture arrangement in your room, who knows, maybe you will find a new way how it is more convenient for you both! Also, an easy accessible stackable storage is the best way to hold stuff that does not fit into shelves – from books, wires, food to other small things. You will see how much more you can fit in!
  10. Finally, tidiness is the best decoration!
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