Spring semester is coming and more and more new students are arriving to Tartu. From my experience, first questions of newcomer are usually “What to see?”, “Where to go?”, “How to meet new people?”. Don’t worry, in Tartu there are a lot of options how to enter social life and feel comfortable among other students.

  • Do you know your flatmates?1513169_10205605858568351_6959724736735202513_nThe first step is to get better to know who are you living with: where they come from, what they study, what are their interests and hobbies. You can be positively surprised discovering that one of your flatmates, for example, knows Spanish (that you want to learn), the other is good at playing guitar and the third is a fan of the same football team as you are 🙂 Decorate together common space, make your flat more personalised, so that your friends or guests will be able to feel individuality of its members. Make cozy “family” evenings with talks about everything in this world or watch movies. Another option is making national evenings, where you can present your cooking skills and impress others with some tasty dishes of your national cuisine.
  • How to know about events not walking out of your room10626872_969617513065138_5683686796043204651_nToday social networking is a power. Search for communities on Facebook like ESN Tartu, your MA/BA/PhD or Department pages. There you can see other students, ask questions, search for information and see future events and parties. Last autumn we, International Student Ambassadors (ISA) made a Hawaii Party that got a lot of positive feedbacks and this January we also made a quiz during Library nights. So don’t forget to follow our page on Facebook to know about the last events 😉
  • R for Rüütli10533867_839364156088345_3353469731147738096_oEventually, here comes the time when you need to introduce yourself. If you want to see all your new friends (and teachers sometimes) – then Rüütli street on Friday night is where you need to be. Cafes and bars are open till late night or even morning, so you have an opportunity to visit all places during one night. I won’t reveal here all secret hints regarding this street, better to discover it by yourself or together with your friends.
  • Excuse me, where is the library?10911304_821680591222088_796968352361600454_o

    Some people say that students go to the library. Of course, they do! We have more than one library, but the biggest concentration is in the main library on Struve 1. Some people say that students make friends in the library. It is very possible, unless you decided to wide your communication circle the morning after going to Rüütli 😉
    Apart from this, in the library, at your department or on the streets you can find a lot of posters about events, performances, concerts.

  • Spread your wings10629386_10204087471879346_4667396038036722918_oHopefully, you are getting to know more and more people, you spend time together, but at some point you want to discover what is going on outside Tartu. Organise a group, buy cheap bus tickets via, train tickets via, plane via or and discover Estonia or other countries!Welcome to Tartu and hope that my tips will help you, dear newcomer! Make yourself at home 🙂


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