Google is probably one of the most important parts of our lives, especially as students. It makes us better people, and it makes us feel happier, because come on, who doesn’t like to know everything. No kidding. Take a second and imagine your life without Google. You would actually have to go to the library and find a book for every little thing you don’t understand while studying for an exam, you would have so many life questions unanswered (Why can’t I have you? How can I sell my soul? Why is my girlfriend mad at me? Why isn’t my boyfriend texting me back?), and you would actually have to go to the store and buy adult magazines for…you know, the articles.

They say if Google would be a person, it would be a woman. Just like a woman, it is gonna do absolutely anything for you, if you know which buttons to push. Here are 7 ways to become better at Googling and therefore make almost anything possible.


We all have those times when you have those two lines from that great, great song stuck in your head, and you wanna find the song. At least I do, especially because I nearly never know the name or the artist of the song that I’ve just started to like. Google has a solution for that. Put the line in quotes, and Google will show you all results containing those exact words in that order.


There is a simple thing you can do to find anything related to some dates, statistics, money, measurements etc. – just put two dots between the two numbers. Want to find the oh-so-good yet oh-so-forgotten 90s hits? Google “songs 1990..1999” and see the magic happen! And so on.


What often frustrates me about Google, is that it shows the obvious results for something, when I want it to show the less obvious ones. For example, when you Google “jaguar” and, don’t really care for the car, but for the animal instead (which is excused only if you reeeeeally have to study for your zoology exam really, really fast), just write “jaguar -car”, and you will see no cars, anywhere. Or want to find a recipe, but you don’t want to see any tomatoes anywhere? Search “recipes -tomatoes” and it’s all done.


I don’t know why, but I can almost never get the lyrics of a song right unless I read through them at least once. With music. As ashamed as I feel telling you these, for a really long time I honestly thought that Taylor Swift sings “and the bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake” in her “Shake It Off” (yes, I know it makes no sense, shush). And for a while, that was the only line I knew from that song! No name of the song, no other lyrics (except “Shake It Off”), not even who sings it (no, I’m not a dumdum as some would say, I just catch up on songs randomly in groceries stores and buses).

Google has a tool for finding what the hell is that song that has those 5 magic words in the refrain you just can’t get out of your head. Or how did the saying actually go you remember 1/3 of. Simply uses asterisks! “hey I just * you and * is crazy” and BOOM, you’ve got yourself “Call Me Maybe”.


We all have our favorite websites, but it doesn’t hurt to sometimes look around and explore what else is out there. Whether you’re searching universities similar to the University of Tartu, or want to see what else is out there besides amazon.com, Google comes in handy with its “related:”. Love Jamie Oliver and want to see some other kitchen Gods you might like just as well? Search “related:jamieoliver.com” and there you have it.


Stuck on making that presentation for your whatever course about whatever topic and need inspiration? Or do you wanna go the dirty road and copy/paste it, but have noone to copy/paste from? No problem. Search “hofstede filetype:ppt”, and your problem with your paper or presentation about Hofstede is gonna be solved in a second. Thanks Google, again!


Have you ever had a situation that you just can’t seem to find what you need on a website due to its design or any other factors? That “Contact” page, where the hell is it?! It turns out you can search through a website without even opening it! For example, if you want to find who we are, search “about site:utambassadors.wordpress.com”. Now you know.

What other Google hacks do you use?


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