As you know today is Orthodox Christmas. One of our Christmas traditions is divination. There are plenty of ways to know your future, but I want to tell you about the most popular ones.

Знімок екрана 2015-01-07 о 18.36.24

1) Divination for future.

Suitable for those who want to know what to expect from the next year. For divination throughout the company prepare the number of people the same cup or glass. Put into cups the ring, coin, bread, sugar, onion, salt, pour into another water. Then without looking one of your friends should choose a cup. If you picked the ring, you should wait wedding soon; coin – wealth; sugar – fun; salt – experiences; water – life will not change much, but if a person broke the cup – don’t let him drink more alcohol.

2) Divination for the name of your future husband.

Suitable for girls who drink alcohol. Pour in a spoon something delicious (original jelly, but that of the evening came divination sense, it is better to choose alcohol) and say: “My future husband, come to drink with me jelly / tea / vodka .” Then go out and ask the first man, what’s his name – the same name will be your future husband. * Advise: If this first man turns nice, you can grab him right away.

3) Another divination for hunters for personal happiness.

Under the pillow at night put the kings of playing cards and saying before bedtime: “My future husband, come to see me.” In the morning, remove the card at random: the king will fall Peak – my husband is an old jealous man, Hearts – young, rich and successful, Crusade – a serious man, a soldier, businessman or startups, and Diamonds – a fool, but loved.

4) And another divination for the coming year.

The most outstanding way to know what will happen next year. Warning – suitable only for people with imagination. The technique is simple: in a bowl of water pour slowly the wax from the candle. What form wax drops will form, you will be waiting the same. Wax like a dog – new friends, a bottle – parties, and so on.

5) Divination for the wish.

By the end of the Christmas evening you can use your pet (or the pet of your neighbors). First expose the cat out of the room, then make a wish and call to the poor pet. If the cat crossed the threshold of the room left foot, the wish will come true, right – no. If the cat does not want to go at all, stop using the poor animal and promise yourself to be more kind with your cat in the next year.


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