We have our own dreams in life. If I am not mistaken, one of the dreams we had was joining a university and become masters of a certain field. But have you ever asked yourself the question “why?”. You might figure out many reasons: for getting descent job then make a living through that… or because you are passionate about the field you are studying (may be without the intention of earning money) or you have no idea at all why you study something that is totally nonsense for you.


I would like to share with you my experience in the past 1.4 years here in the University of Tartu. I am studying my Masters in Software Engineering. I have been in school for almost more than 20 years already. Yet, I am 26 years old… Tartu University was the university that my school life will be celebrated and ends forever. It has been a great time always to spend it with friends that you know at your class and sometimes hanging out together. At the same time, every one of us have our own life and goals.

What are the pluses and minuses of studying in the University of Tartu? In my own perspective, the advantage includes the university community is commited for excellence in education, and the government of Estonia is investing on the university well. So, I am thankful for all the scholarships I have been offered, the instructors who has helped me to work more and encouraged me somehow… That is something that makes me stay in Tartu.

Regarding the minuses, maybe the social life structure is much undeveloped and everyone of us including Estonians and foreigners should have to invest in that… Say, helping each other and concerning for the fellow classmate. Yes, we can live life in an ignorance mood as we do now… But it is worthless. It is the same as being hired in a company and getting to work everyday without a good mood. Always complaining about the job you are working at and so on… Is that not sucks? Yes, It does… So, let us cheer up and do the best we can for others…

Have a great winter ahead of you and study hard for the finals of this semester.


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