O yea University of Tartu, Hearken to my voice. I am Mayowa; a Nigerian by birth. Over the hills and far away, in a medium-sized West African country I received  an email denoting my admission to the University of Tartu. Words cannot adequately convey the feelings I experienced at that moment particularly because it was something I deeply longed for and also because it took quite a while to receive it. I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself: “Finally.”


Now,  the next step would be go to the Estonian embassy, apply for the Estonian residence permit and visa, and Voila! Home free, right? Wrong. Turns out there was no embassy in Nigeria. “Well not to worry,” I told myself, “there’s the Estonian embassy in Egypt.” Sadly, Egypt said “No Egyptian visas, sorry”. It seemed the world didn’t want me to come to Estonia or so I thought. I got wind of another option, the United Kingdom; I could apply at the embassy there. Yes! A way where there seemed to be no way.  It helped matters a lot that I had already secured a visa to the United Kingdom and so the expenses notwithstanding, Tartu was all I wanted and so  I made my way to the United Kingdom. From there on, it was smooth sailing to Estonia as the Estonian Embassy officials were genuinely nice converse to what I had heard online about Estonians.


Here I am, studying in Tartu and being an International Student Ambassador. One of my deepest desires is to help focused students from Nigeria to find out more about UT. Why? You may ask; I say because it’s Tartu. That’s all there is to it. You have to come here to understand. The English vocabulary does not have enough words to fully describe the city Tartu, people and the university. 



  1. this platform give information and enlight people to achieve the aim in life please keep it up more grease to your elbow

  2. Hello Mayowa, good to hear ur story, I am on the verge of getting an admission letter to in Estonia, can u guide me on the steps to take bcos just like u I discovered no Estonian embassy in Nigeria. thanks

  3. Hi, I am a cameroonian actually writing from china. How can I have detailed information to go to estonia

  4. Hey, Mayowa, your journey to Estonia gives me hope of being there too this years.

    I wish you successful academic pursuit and pleasant stay in Estonia.

  5. Perseverance……..!!! You are quite lucky in all honesty…… Good luck with your studies


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