Tere paevast! My name is Iuliia, I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine and this is my first post at this blog. My aim is to show, that if you do not afraid of taking every opportunity and are open to the world – your life will be filled with all colors of the rainbow! For long years I was afraid to participate in some contests and was ignoring calls for volunteers or paper submissions. Moreover, introducing myself or talking first to a stranger seemed as an impossible mission!

Throughout the life my grandfather was repeating all the time, that ‘The greatest victory is a victory over yourself‘”. I believe that this is true. Since the first wins in battles over myself I was involved in a number of cultural and academic events that provided me with unique experience and new friends. Frankly speaking, application to ISA I submitted the night before deadline and concidered it as a try, without any hope about success… Life is so unexpectable!

But winning a battle is not winning the war, so every day I try my best not to miss every opportunity and enjoy my active life. That’s why now I want to share with you a brief story of my past week that was full of events.

Monday: Maybe, one of the most exciting things in every international sudent’s life: I finally got my Estonian ID card! The next step will be purchasing cardreader and then I will be totally into e-system.

Tuesday: An important event was held in the evening: volunteers gathered to discuss the ways to help Ukrainian army. Interesting moment was when we tried to hold a man in military karrimat – now I understand, that it is trully men business 😉

Wednesday, Saturday: As I’m not a robot, two days were at the library.

Thursday: The most important day – my birthday! The morning started with presenting an awesome flower bouquet, and later I had a lunch at Chinese restaurant, where my friend from Hong Kong told me a lot of facts about meaning of some hieroglyphs and decorations. Spontaneously, I had a phone interview and a photoshot for a ‘Postimees’ that is really can be seen as a birthday present

Friday: Though, I had no time to relax, because I was a participant of the Tenth Estonian Annual Philosophy Conference (EFAK X). Mostly sleepless night and I was prepared for giving my talk. Many thanks to my friends who came and supported me – you are the best!
That’s why I want to immediately go further to Sunday, as this was the only possibility to somehow celebrate my birthday. We had a cozy party in my new family circle.

To conclude, remember as your mottos ‘There is nothing impossible’ and ‘Just do it!’.
Good luck and see you in Tartu 😉


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