I want to be honest with you now. Being a student is nice, right? It is always nice to think less about such important things as where to live, with whom to live or where to work. Plus, it is always appealing to get student discounts across the globe and, more importantly, in the public transportation. Being an international student, however, is even better. Why? In general, you think even less about those “big” questions because most of the time you are not in your home country. I have been a student for the past five years and look what I have now:


I have this picture with bunch of my student IDs. Cool, isn’t it? I don’t want to think, however, that I’ve been studying all this time just to take this “awesome” picture.

Let’s be honest, it’s not about this picture that I’ve been studying. I think the picture of what I take from my studies should look more like this:


Yes, it is somehow closer now. I’ve been studying to know people, to socialize, to have some great moments in different places and with different people who are so cool you cannot even imagine. Also, I’ve been studying to remember and carry those memories with me.

Let’s be honest though. It’s not about me, it’s about everyone who is graduating this year, has graduated some time ago, or is going to graduate in future. It’s all about the process of being a part of the huge and great community of students across the globe that are closer to one another than they have ever thought.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter at which university you study, or which program you’re enrolled in. You’re the very same student at Yale University, University of Canberra, Moscow State University or the University of Mogadishu. “Of course there is difference among the universities – you asshole – there are obvious ratings!” one might say. Yes there is difference, sure, but the difference shrinks to the building you walk in, the level of your professors’ intellect or vulgarity, how hard they punish you for plagiarism and the level of your self-assurance. Let’s be honest, everyone gets equally drunk on Erasmus parties and it doesn’t matter from which university you come from.

To be more precise, I was the very same student at Riga Stradiņš University, Hogeschool Zuyd, University of Tartu, Collegium Civitas and West Virginia University. It’s not about any particular university I’m talking here; it’s about A university as an institution itself. And more importantly, it’s about the feeling you get when graduating from A university.

Let’s be honest, university is a cool think, education is a cool think, and networking is a cool think too. So, in the period when students are graduating, let’s celebrate all those cool things that A university gives us. Let’s be happy about our degrees, friends and emotions that we all have because graduation is about happiness and not about THE university or its name. Tomorrow I’ll be graduating myself, but I don’t want to leave all those good things aside, no, they will go with me side by side. And memory about this university will also stick to me:


Let’s be honest though, these five years were just the beginning for some bigger jump. At least I want to hope so.

Students! From wherever you come from! Let’s applaud to ourselves and feel happy because we’re finally graduating.

And let’s be totally honest – f*** yeah! 


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