Now when I am in the middle of my second semester in Tartu, it is the right time to answer the important question. Was it worth it?..

The end of calendar spring brings an overwhelming pressure of demotivation and laziness, while the nature is awaken and it is moreover relevant in the Estonian climate zone. Although, this is also the time when thousands of young people are taking most important decisions of their lifetime.


I know quite well the thoughts and feelings of a person, who holds a foreign university admission letter in his hands, torn between the desire for opportunity and the weakness of fear in the face of sudden crucial changes.

I would not be sincere, if I told you that you’d not run for certain risks while taking the decision to move abroad to acquire a degree. To sum up the spectrum of negative arguments, which you might come across – it is a question of relative costs between staying in your home country and moving elsewhere.

On one hand, the original motivation “in favour” is usually quite constant and it is the same with the one, which led you to apply for a degree before. On the other hand, the fact that you are among those in two minds suggests, that you probably consider the sustainability of your personal life and networking at home in danger to a certain degree… or you are just afraid of a failure… or probably the financial circumstances are the matter of concern… or maybe you are already offered a proper medium wage job and so on and so forth.

In the wide spectrum of voices, which could influence your decision you usually lack enough arguments “in favour”. So let my modest opinion be among the positive voices for you and I claim with full responsibility – IT IS WORTH IT.



One can rarely assess the thoughts of another person fully and I do not pretend to give the answer instead of those who are masters of their fate. However, my main point in supporting a prospective international student is the simple understanding of the fact, that my decision making would be much easier a year ago if I could foresee all the knowledge, skills and opportunities, which have been provided to me by the University of Tartu.

After all I like the saying, which I suggest to you now.

It’s better to regret something you did, than something you did not do 😉


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