The holidays are coming to an end very soon, so we’re trying to make them longer by looking back on all the festivities of December, home-comings, exams, and so on. Needless to say that we all enjoyed holidays quite a lot no matter if we were at home or in Tartu. If speaking of Christmas and Christmas time in Tartu, we must say that Tartu was like a fairy-tale Christmas town all December – there were lights, smells, laughter, gifts, decorations and that magical excitement all around here! This might be an advantage of such small city – it turns into a cozy home of one big, happy family during such occasions like Christmas.

But December doesn’t consist of Christmas only (even though it is probably our favorite event during this month). All of us had to survive the tradition of the pre-holiday exams, tests and assignments as well – the UT library became our second home during that time. We met there, we studied there, we talked there, some of us even had some naps in there!

Also, some of us got the opportunity to go home for holidays, which was super nice – we got to meet our families, bake gingerbread cookies together, meet our friends back in our home-countries, have some rest and so on. But there was one thing we had in common – we all missed Tartu and we all wanted to go back by the end of the first week of January. 🙂 Those who didn’t make it home traveled or met up with their friends in here, which was not at all less satisfying.

The December has been quite busy for all of us – last assignments, exams, trips home, traveling, Christmas, meeting friends, New Years eve etc. But we’re back – with new plans, resolutions and lots of energy! And snow!!!

We wish you to have an amazing year – full of new adventures, international friends, great opportunities and lots of energy! Also, the New Year is all about getting better and correcting the mistakes, so we would all advise you to start to get Christmas presents for your friends and family one by one throughout the year, starting from now on – you will get better presents, won’t have to try to find something in crowded stores and you will save money, which might be rather important for a student. 🙂

With love,

ISA – International Student Ambassadors


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