In general, we (students) study at the University, attend lectures, do some group works, write papers and exams and get good grades; but still, when we start working in organizations, we sometimes fail in executing tasks, because theory and practice appears not to be the same or the person lacks experience. Sometimes we realize that the profession we’ve chosen and are interested in during studies isn’t that enjoyable in reality and turns out not to be what we want to do in the future. That’s why we are trying to get internships or participate in projects during our studies – to gain experience and find out what we actually want.

People ask me quite often what else can a person do in Tartu, except regular studies, so I decided to share my personal experiences.

To begin with, there are different clubs and organizations created by some lecturers of different fields at the University of Tartu. I was a member of two of them. One of those is marketing club. Marketing club has negotiations with several companies in Estonia, which represent their real life company problems and students choose themselves which case they prefer to work on. For instance, I was working on how to attract Russian & Latvian tourists to science museum AHAAA. We were 5-6 persons discussing issues with AHAAA marketing department and working on them.

Mariam - Extracurricular activities in Tartu, AHAA

The second organization that I joined was called Idea Lab. That is a great one for people who are interested in entrepreneurship, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you study. When I went there, I entered a room with walls full of crazy ideas. Ideas that I have never thought of before, and the first question I got in mind was: “Is it possible to make those ideas real?” Similar to marketing club, Idea Lab works with actual companies. All we had to do was to choose a topic that we were crazy enough to believe in, and to make it real. A person could also add his or her innovative idea on the wall, that way finding members with whom to work with on this particular idea. In addition, some groups succeeded and were rewarded at the end of the project.

To sum up, what I’m trying to say is that if you are interested in minor topics and would like to gain some experience, brainstorm and understand things better, there are different ways of how to do it in here. 

Mariam - Extracurricular activities in Tartu


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