Hello. I am Risa Teshigahara from Japan. Today, I would like to share my little thoughts about my awesome experiences in Estonia as a student!!! I have had several chances to talk about my own stories in Estonia to my friends already, and these moments have definitely been the ones making me truly proud!! I would like to summarize my points in the following three factors and I hope you will see how studying in Estonia has lightened up my precious student life. 🙂


There was this much snow last year before Christmas!

1. Living in a country which not so many people know about Well, the first thing people always ask me is: ‘Where Estonia is?’ Surprisingly, some people actually did not know that Estonia is located in Europe. Thus, it clearly shows that Estonia still remains as an unknown country for lots of people on this planet and this makes studying in Estonia really exciting! Estonia is the perfect destination for people who have the spirit of a pioneer: discover something absolutely new and feel the lively atmosphere of a new and emerging country! You will definitely discover something no one knows

2. Truly international environment

You can get an international experience anywhere in the whole world. However, such experience in Estonia was somewhat different, at least for me. As a person from Asia, I have never imagined that I will study together with someone from Balkan states, for instance! I bet those people have never thought about studying with a Japanese person either. I am truly grateful that I am having such an experience, as it has definitely introduced absolutely new points of view in my way of thinking. In addition, although there are people from literary all over the world at the University of Tartu, they seem to have one thing in common: the spirit of a pioneer which I mentioned above! Thus, they tend to be really creative, energetic and even progressive. For example, there have been so many interesting events organized by students, such as a series of national evenings. Once you start to study in Tartu, you will immediately feel the power of students!

3. Being unique!

All in all, the best thing about studying in Estonia is that everyone has his/her absolutely unique story. In my case, there is so many people who have studied in the US, the UK and other English-speaking countries, but I only know one person who actually has studied in Estonia before. So everything I experience here is really unique and something that not so many people could even think of! Those crazy events during the Student Days, such as ‘flying-experiments’ from the bank of the Emajõgi river which flows through the Tartu city (oh, it is really hard to describe – see the video below!) and a boat race took place on the same river in which everyone wore some crazy costumes (this one also just has to be seen!), really astonished me in the last spring. Yup, as you can see, your experience in Tartu as a student will be really something that is simply beyond your imagination!!



These pictures are from the last year’s Student Days. Have you ever seen something like this? First picture: Beer box climbing! 🙂 Second Picture: No comments

 I truly hope that you enjoyed reading my blog post. If you want to know more about living and studying in Tartu, definitely contact International Student Ambassadors 🙂 Thank you, aitäh!

Crazy Student days in Tartu

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