Why Tartu – Mariam (Georgia)

As you may already know there are so many documents to arrange and the courses to match while going on Erasmus, that I was close to give up; but hopefully I didn’t. I had a great possibility to live in another country, to see new culture, new university and the way they are teaching.


I have to mention that from the very beginning I was happy to study at the University of Tartu, but after Erasmus I appreciated it even more. And I’m going to tell you why.

In general, I’m studying on BBA program at the University of Tartu. Where the best thing is that what we study theoretically, we do practically as well. For example, on marketing course we did marketing plans of strawberry jam and French restaurant in Tartu; on management course we did Business plan of building company; on Research methods we made a research of cafes in Tartu and so on. This is the best thing you can do, as you have possibility to value things and see what is important, to what you have to pay attention, what are the key points. But when you have only theoretical knowledge without any practice – its half knowledge and you often ask yourself : for what do I need this?


Besides, in Tartu you have a lot of group works or individual ones, presentations, mid-terms, case studies, that give you possibility to check out yourself step by step – am I doing well, or not; do I focus on main points, or not; do I spend enough time to learn, or not; do I really understand topic, or not. So, you can control yourself to get a good grade later on.

In Germany, mostly it’s up to you to attend lectures, to read slides and books, BUT in the end of a semester you get 100% exam that you have to pass. Or, sometimes if you are lucky, you have a small group work before an exam. In a word, the worst thing is that for the whole semester I haven’t been sure, whether I was studying well enough. Furthermore, as I didn’t have any deadlines I was saving most of the staff for later time and it was really a bad decision.

Also, there were some courses that were divided in 2 parts – lectures and tutorials. On lectures professors were explaining some formulas, and on tutorials other professors were calculating examples. If you ask me, it is much better when they are mixed, at least, when you explain formula you should show one example how to calculate; so it will make life easier for students to realize and to remember.

Mostly, what I liked at German University were lecturers. They were fluent in English, they were so confident and had such a deep understanding of topics, I was excited. And the way of teaching, and expressing, they were totally involved in topics during a lecture, trying to make it more interesting, with high level of students involvement. That was amazing.

That’s all my personal experience and way of thinking, but of course different Universities in each country have its own way of teaching. So, go on, use your opportunities and experience!


Author:  Miriam Mtsituridze, Georgia, Business Administration


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